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Heading out to the Canmore Artspeak Festival this weekend to play. I'm doing a songwriter in the round with Jane Hawley and Cori Brewster. It's my first time seeing or playing with them, so it's a new discovery for us all. Should be great! Always good to get the sister energy going! And in the mountains to boot! Been lots going on in everyday life here...My oldest son is graduating at the end of the month. It's so hard to believe how time it takes you beyond the limits of your love. Our town has been rife with local struggles...I've been working on a song...or rather a song has been working on me. Trying to sum up the angst and sorrow of some of the kids and parents here...A series of unfortunate events. For sure. And tornadoes touching down here yesterday too!! Youch! I think we better start prayin for this little town! Anyhow...for those of you that come out to the show in Canmore, I willhopefully be ready to share the new song. Have a few of them for you. Blessings to you, wherever you are. Karla