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What a lot of fun these last couple of gigs have been! Thanks so much to Tim and Mike and Lyle! We played High River at Carlson's on Mcleod. It was such a beautiful place.Great people came out to the show. Mike Edel got my toes a tappin! Anyone attending the Edmonton show tonight will really be diggin on him! And thanks to Rawlco Radio for inviting us to participate in the gig at Ironwood! Rebel Yell....hmmmmmm. Thanks to Trina Nestibo and Jordy...great show. Anyhow...lookin forward to finishing up our little run in Edmonton tonight. Thanks to everyone who got ahold of me for tickets! I got you on the LIST! and have the LIST in my hot little hands.....teeheeheehe. Blessings! See you tonight! Blessings k