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Faithful Friend Reminders

Thanks reminding me yet again about the things i need to get done! Lots has been going on in the "life in general" category...the "music in general category"..well...we had a great gig at NLFC. Again, it's my hearts home...where i feel best. Tim was wonderful, the crowd was super. The record?? ...we are mixing at the end of April...looking towards beginning of summer for release. I am excited to be teaching a couple of writing classes/workshops this spring/summer...and ultra excited about my trip to Nashville in May. I am attending an intensive writing workshop with Darrell Scott and Mary's kind of a terrified excited. Any of you know what I mean? Back to reality...I sat on my couch last night and played my guitar and sang...great sound in that room. Thankful for the gift of music. And for the fact that, at eighty years old, I will still be on my couch singing to heaven. one love karla