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Gettting Ready...

For the Fall to start creeping in.The leaves are already changing here...The nights are cooling off. Which is great at night to have to reach for an extra blanket and breathe in coooool air. The kids are getting ready to head back to school on Tuesday. I remember when I was a stay at home mum...homeschooling...I never understood why every other mother was so glad to get the kids back to school. :) But now, the thought of coming home after work to kids at home all day making messes and beng "bored"...I,too,am lookin forward to having their days busy! :) My oldest boy started driving today!!! He got his first car two weeks ago and has been fussing over it ever since!!! Got his licence on Tuesday (first try) and is a much more cautious driver than me! He has learned from me exactly how not to drive!!!! Teeheee.... I realize...if you ever think you are out of the woods in the worrying're not. As he pops his head in here tonight...smelling like that great cologne i bought him for Christmas, and says "see ya later mum" I think of all the things i want to tell "drive carefully"...for the hundreth time today!!!!! Thank you God...for the simple things in life. May i never lose sight of them. Blessings to everyone out there who actually takes the time to read this. hope this finds you well...and counting your blessings. Karla