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I Love.....

THE ALBERTA SESSIONS!!!! Hats off to John all of his volunteers...who make this show so special. I had the great fortune to have Kit Johnson join me on bass for the show. Everything felt know? Jack does sucha splendid job on feels like you're in the living room.. ..It's the way to hear it. The audience was back to us their energy and connection. Thanks to everyone who played, and listened and had a part in making another very successful Songwriter Session series. Took my son Matt with me...we were on a date for his birthday...which was back in January. I had a gig on his birthday, and promised him a special date...just him and I. Dinner, a that's what we did! We drove into Calgary and saw a movie...skipped dinner for swimming at the hotel (where we met some folks from Medicine Hat who recognized me from their winter folk fest...small world!!!) Anyhow...we went to the gig...went back to our room fell up had a great pillow fight...went for a swim...went to Nellie's for a terrific breakfast!!! With terrific company..Jesse and Carmen. Thanks for getting the table! Teehee...drove home. Feeling that those moments are what make life so precious. Matt fell asleep on the way home, I sang to my John Mayer Continuum CD...and had sunshine and tears in my eyes at the simple things that are so beautiful, and easily missed. Thankful for feeling every moment...for not being asleep, or too numb to feel. Any how...I'm really going on now!!!! :) Blessings really to any of you who are taking the time to read this. My heart goes out to this world of friends... blessings karla