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It's çomin on Christmas....

Had all kinds of great plans today...y'know...finish wrapping kids presents, write cards etc...didn't do a darned thing!!! Except grocery shop (what a zoo) and bake mini-quiches....hmmmmmm, I have been meaning to make a note regarding the United Arab Emirates. There has been a LOT of activity on the website from your neck of the woods....What's UP??? How are you connecting with the music??? It's always interesting to know, so, if you are reading this and you are one of the many visitors from UAE...Send me an email would you please. The UAE is close behind Canada for activity...and I think that's great! The next in line are Brazil, Germany and Russia...Again...drop me a line and let me know how you are finding the music... I imagine it is through Joan of well as some radio play. The Netherlands has been great as well...Someday I will come and play for you Jordy!!!!!! :) And again, thanks to all of you who have been sending mail now that I have managed to re-connect with dream is to come and visit each of in your area...connect, and bridge the distance between the hearts of the world. Hope that all of you are able to find meaning in this crazy time of year. I know for some people, Christmas is a very painful time of year. I send out a hug to you now...Everyone talks about being happy...being with family, being warm and cozy...but it's not for everyone is it? We are all in this together you are not alone!!! I send out a Christmas prayer to you. Blessings Karla