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I've died and gone to....

Rosebud, AB... My favorite little town in Alberta... Little town (population 92) with the LARGEST heart. An experience...The only place I'll play where I can say Half the town showed up! TeeHee...Thanks to the folks who drove out from CAlgary as well.... It would take too long to describe my affinity to Rosebud...It's an artist town...full of Budding with conscience...making art...making music. A community of adults who step alongside and encourage them to be their best (Paul and Tom). The cafe where they all pull up a chair after the gig...grab a guitar, pull out a saxophone, have a beer or a steamer, and play music till 2 am. Where a young man (17) steps up and sings the most beautiful opera piece..strauss... he apologizes that he has a cold and can't sing tonight...(OH MY GOD) It is beautiful... beautiful...beautiful... If Tom hadn't have bought that cafe, I would have...and lived there till i was 98. God Bless Rosebud. K