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I just want to say that this news section will be used primarily like a journal. I am first a writer really...with the need to express. My old website had a couple of years worth of journal entries and I miss reviewing them...because it was such a great outline of the journey we've been on. I look forward to building the same relationship here. We just have to start over...from the top...And don't we have to do that in so many ways in life anyhow. How to accept change...that's the greatest lesson ever learned. Two and a half years ago I found myself at the beginning in the middle of my life...Some time soon, i will write a story here about the journey. More than a bio...but a real story you can relate to....the reason you connect with the music and the reason I connect with each of you and your stories. Blessings to everyone taking the time to read this. Send me a a comment if you'd like. But stay in touch...cause this is how roots music heart at a time. Karla