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lost...not forgotten....

someone told me today that they checked the website....and it had been a long time since i had visited it. Hmmmmm. I logged in to see when the last time was....i'm embarassed. forgive me. life is getting the better of me i guess. i play songs in my livingroom. write songs...throw them into the wind...write more. everyday seems to blend into the next. i choose my words carefully here.....i am a songwriter, words are powerful tools. and for lack of them...i lean towards the melancholy (my favorite songs :) there is so much the warm wind today. you would think we lived in calgary...and then there's the stuff we write songs about. Like were here to see what i had to say....when i'm only a phone call away....the songwriter rears her head. I sat tonight in the quiet of my off for the weekend...and i watch patti griffin's dvd. Gawd. I cry. I feel, i love. and hate. all at the same time. is that crazy? i bet you weren't expecting this entry. neither was i. but i'm happy we were here together. blessings to all lost souls who are en route to meet mine. also...cheers to tamara at mom magazine who inspired me today. as always blessings k