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WOW!! I keep waiting for it and then have to remind myself that it's here...and not to miss it!!!! teehee...for those of you who live in warmer climates, you probably can't relate to what i'm saying! Summer here is so short, and if the weather isn't can miss it! :) Notice lots of activity(hits) on the site from Germany and from New Zealand. Did "Joan of Arcadia" Air there??? Always curious to see how people are arriving at the site. Don't forget to drop me a line in the guestbook when you do! Had a wonderful gig in was so sweet to play with Cori and Jane. The folks that came out were so warm...great energy in that room. Thanks to all who came out. I always say, the music is only as good as those who receive it. And the folks in Canmore proved that! I did manage to finish the tune i wrote for our ailing community. It's called Angels in Graves. Pretty sordid...but the message is there i think...the story told. Story tellers...that's what we are. All of us have a story don't we? Anyhow...blessings to you reading this. karla