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Time Flies...

WOW!! Been such a busy fall so far...between kids, work and music...ther's definately no shortage of things to do. Have some more gigs coming up this month. First off, thanks to the folks at Rose City Roots for featuring the C'mon in my Kitchen show. I was able to get out and play with those guys...and as was alot of fun. Last Friday, I had the priveledge of opening for Livingston Taylor(James Taylor's brother)...he must be tired of that introduction!! He was a very warm and humble soul. He teaches performance classes and was gracious enough to spend some time giving me some very positive feedback. Thanks Livingston! And great hanging with Becky! So....This Friday, I head out to Lloydminster with the fabulous Mike Lent for a show "Live from Alberta Stages" recorded by CKUA...and broadcasted at a later date. (Stay informed through the CKUA website) Then the Blue Chair on the 27th...sharing the stage with Jessica Heine and Rob Heath. AND FINALLY!!!!!!!! I have an opening spot November 3 at my FAVORITE FOLK CLUB...opening for the FANTASTIC David Francey! YAY!!! will be time to settle in for the Christmas rush....and we'll see you in the new year!!!!! With a new record????? Sorry to all those who are patiently waiting...i am not so patiently waiting..... Blessings... Karla