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About Time 

Well, for those of you that may be reading this, I owe you an apology! It has been two years since you heard from me last, and well....there is no excuse. I thought I may have been able to release Waiting for Beautiful back in 2016, and again, I was unable to do so (read my home page for more info)

Anyhow....Things are good. I am going to be 50 in a couple of months here and I am feeling a lot of things. I am definitely feeling a responsibility to the music, and to the kind people who care enough to…

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I was in the studio last week running through the mixes finally! We have a couple little things to do and then the record will be released.

Hope everyone is doing well.....


Waiting For Beautiful? 

Hey everyone...just a little update for you all. My "Waiting For Beautiful" title track has been so warmly received by all you wonderful I just wanted you to know that the full length recording IS on it's way...later than I anticipated. But isn't that always the WAY!? Ha! Anyhow, my hopes for beginning of 2016 have been dashed by my very busy life/work schedule. BUT- once I return from Thailand in May, I will be able to settle down and focus on all the work to get it released. Thanks for…

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Merry Christmas Everyone..... 

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to wish you all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Thank you to everyone who took the time to come out to the Christmas Shows I participated in this year.

They were both very special shows. ( you can see more in the dates section) The work on the NEW (old) record is coming along. Just a

little bit of re-mixing and artwork and we will be ready to roll in the New Year. Looking forward to seeing MORE of you in 2016!


Here Goes.... 

Hi Everyone!

Well, there is some New News that I am excited to share with you!

I am releasing a new (old) record in February of 2016. And am pre-releasing the Title Track this week.

Right now, you can download the title track through CD BABY OR you can purchase a bottle of 

"Waiting For Beautiful" Shiraz or Sauvignon Blanc, and get the track for free!

WOW!!! Find out more about it more here.

Please stay in touch with me on my facebook page or sign up on the mailing list for updates.




Holding On 

Cara Luft and I co-wrote a song in 2012 called Holding On (Recorded on the Engadine Sessions). It just made the 20 Honourable Mention Winners list in the USA Songwriting Competition, 

Cool huh?


House Concert 

Looking forward to an intimate house concert in Edmonton on  Nov 15. Check out the events page to email the host if you would like to attend. See some of you there!


Honey In The Jar 

Hi Everyone.....

I am excited to be kicking off a new show with two SUPER stars! Chloe Albert, Ben Sures and Yours Truly will be traveling a songwriter in the round show called "Honey In The Jar" We kick off in Fernie BC Sept 11(still waiting for details) then we go to The Cochrane Valley Folk Club on Sept 12 and a private gig in Medicine Hat on the 13th. We look forward to connecting with you all and are excited to get this show on the road!


Front Porch Roots Review.... 

Had a fun time playing with the boys from front porch....will join them again at the beginning of December for a few shows. looking forward to it! Stay tuned. 

Always Mt Engadine... 

Sorry I am so lame with keeping things up to date in my journal! It's funny-I am looking back at posts and the last few have been Mt Engadine.

WELL! Yet again i am inspired to post today because i just got back from the Mt Engadine, and again, it was an amazing, beautiful experience. Thank you to everyone there! Especially Chris and ShariLynn  and their wonderful staff!

I know I always promise to post more, and I will promise again, but i cant promise....haha.

I have a new record on my mind....just have…

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