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“That new Karla is absolutely stunning! The wait was well worth it! She nailed this one and I keep playing it over and over (okay, I only got it about three hours ago but apparently cannot get anything else done!)”.” - Barnes Newberry

— WUMB - FM, Boston

Hi Karla~~I thought you'd enjoy knowing that you made my Top Ten list. Today I played "Don't Waste Your Breath" and "Bye Bye Love." Happy New Year! Tamara Sunday Folks: KBCS 91.3FM Sundays from 9AM-12PM Host: Tamara Lewis 1. Darrell Scott; Crooked Road 2. Karla Anderson; Brand New Day 3. Louise Mosrie; Home 4. Lynn Miles; Black Flowers 5. Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu; Gurrumul 6. Mary Gauthier; The Foundling 7. Ellis Paul; The Day After Everything Changed 8. The Living Sisters; Love to Live 9. The Once; The Once 10. Crazy Heart Soundtrack” - Tamara LewisPassionate Folk

KBCS 91.3 FM

“The new one is great. It's more mature sounding than Embassy Sessions. This one has a little bluesier edge to it than I remember Embassy having. I love it. So do my DJs. It got 10 spins right out of the box. And it's still going strong. That's really good at a format-free station where the DJs play what they want. When I see that happen here, I know it's a strong release. Congratulations”.” - Luke Nestler

— KDNK - Carbondale, CO

I was first introduced to Karla Anderson on the opening night of the 2005 Americana Music Conference in Nashville while waiting in line for one of the many live concerts/free buffets (Burrito Deluxe at the Mercy Lounge... if I remember correctly) the conference had to offer. It was there that I first met Karla's manager, Neil MacGonigill. We started talking, and by the time our conversation was over, I had in my hands a copy of Karla's 2005 debut album, The Embassy Sessions. At this point, Karla's music had already been featured in the CBS television series Joan of Arcadia, but her album was brand new and had not yet been released in The States. As far as I know, I was the first DJ in America to be given a copy of the CD*. I played it in my hotel room that night (I always traveled with a portable CD player to music conferences), and found it to be quite the enjoyable late night listen. A few weeks later, I became the first American DJ to play Karla's music on the air*. *(Note that I cannot actually verify either of these claims other than to say that I really believe them to be true. Either way... if I wasn't THE first, I was certainly in near the ground floor.) The Embassy Sessions was recorded over the course of a few short days at the Red Motel Embassy in Calgary in early 2005. The resulting album was a warm and quiet affair that helped Karla earn recognition as the Best New/Emerging Artist at the 2005 Canadian Folk Music Awards. Her career looked to be off to a promising start. That was five years ago though, and Karla's been relatively quiet since then... choosing to focus more on her family than her career. She played some shows and recorded sparsely, but did not record the follow up to The Embassy Sessions until now. It seems to have been worth the wait. Like her previous record, Brand New Day was banged out in a brief, two day recording session. That's where most of the similarities end, however. Unlike Embassy, which was essentially a solo acoustic record with little additional accompaniment, Brand New Day has more of a full band sound in places. Karla expands her sound by adding various electric and steel guitars along with keys and increased percussive elements. The biggest evidence of this comes on the album's second song, "With Tenderness." The track is kicked off with a shuffling drumbeat and a rolling bass line topped with electric guitar flourishes. The result is an ominous sounding track that contrasts nicely with Karla's lyrics about lethal levels of kindness and love. Similarly, "Glory Bound" branches out a bit as well. This time, however, it's a wash of acoustic guitars that build the tempo and elevate the song. Fans of Karla's previous work will be happy with the record as well, as this disc also holds its share of quieter moments. It's bookended by two short tracks ("Prelude" & "Reprise") that essentially serve as the album's title tracks and revisit that haunting Embassy Sessions sound. Then, sitting right there in the middle of the album, are two heart stopping covers in "Bye Bye Love" (Felice & Boudleaux Bryant) and "I Dream an Old Lover" (Jeffery Foucoult). She boils both songs down to their most essential elements by slowing the tempo and finding the emotion in each word. In all, Brand New Day is a solid sophomore effort from Karla Anderson and one that should please her old fans while also reaching out to new ones. I just hope we don't have to wait five more years for her next release.” - Nelson Gullett

— A Fifty Cent Lighter and A Whiskey Buzz Blog

- “a much broader sound than the first record while still containing those intimate moments that made the debut so special”.” - Nelson Gullett

— WDVX - Knoxville, TN

ANDERSON'S GOT THE REAL GOODS After an extended period of anticipation, Karla Anderson's sophomore album has finally turned up in select music stores around Edmonton, just in time to find its way into a few stockings for Christmas. Titled Brand New Day, the album is another step forward for the singer-songwriter who didn't rush things when it came time to follow up her debut disc The Embassy Sessions. Anderson has a career outside the industry and a family to take care of, so it's no wonder she hasn't completely turned her life over to music, instead opting to pick her spots for performing and recording. She took a long look at whether she was willing to commit herself to a life of making music. Now, Anderson has decided this is a chapter in her life that will allow her to travel and step onto more stages around the country. One listen to Brand New Day and there is no debate about whether she's got the goods. Songs such as Don't Waste Your Breath, Glory Bound and Love Sweet Love are perfect combinations of verse and chorus, balancing melody with subtle instrumental shadings, courtesy of a crew of musicians who reacted to the emotion running through every piece. Anderson and her manager Neil MacGonigill decided to make a record that was a little more band-like than The Embassy Sessions, so they drew on the talents of guitarists Gary Koliger and Tim Leacock, and the bass-playing Mike Lent, all of whom have worked with Anderson at folk club and festival dates. Along with 10 originals, Anderson covers Jeffrey Foucault's I Dream an Old Lover and Bye Bye Love, which was a major hit for the Everly Brothers in 1957. Anderson took Bye Bye Love and put the brakes on the tempo, then cradled the lyrics, making the song an emotional tour de force. At a performance in the basement of Megatunes on Saturday afternoon, Anderson delivered a handful of tunes from the new album, to an audience that snapped up copies of the new disc following the abbreviated show. Bye Bye Love and Glory Bound were two tunes that left listeners completely focused on the artist, who performed on a makeshift stage. "I am ready to devote the time needed to take this music to larger audiences," she says. Brand New Day is available at Megatunes and other independent record stores around the city.” - Peter North

— The Edmonton Journal

“WHAT THEY ARE SAYING ABOUT “THE EMBASSY SESSIONS” - I'm not one to send fan mail, but I am so taken by this record, I carry it around with me. I own a thousand CD's. None are better than this one. You have the gift. Thanks for sharing it with me. - I received a copy of your CD today IT'S WONDERFUL -- indescribably so. I fear I will wear it out on "repeat". THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. - ...just want you to know what an inspiration and gift you are...and I am spreading the wealth to all my friends and are well loved dear one....I cherish your music. - I realy love the music of Karla Anderson. I would like to purchase a cd, but I don't know if they deliver in Holland, do you? Please be so kind to express my thanks to Karla for giving her music (and her soul) to the public. Her music got into my mind and then got stuck in my heart! - Congratulations on an EXCELLENT effort. Consider me a distant (Oklahoma, US), but devoted fan ! - i just needed to write to tell you you make the world a richer, more beautiful place. best of luck to you in your musical journey. thanks truly for the inspiration. - Thank you, Karla, for sharing your heart through your songs for others to be blessed by. I just wanted to let you know you have made a difference in my life and my daughter's life. - I received my CD in the mail yesterday and I must express great gratitude to you for sharing your heart like that. This is one of the most heartfelt CDs I have ever listened to and owned. Thank you for sharing and touching. - I just received the new cd by Karla Anderson, "The Embassy Sessions." I hafta tell you that I am blown away by Karla's music. The simple direct honesty of the lyrics, her beautiful voice, the understated but powerful instrumentation all combine for a moving listening experience. It's such a pleasure for me to open a package and find such artistry from a complete unknown. I can't rave enough about Karla. Luke Nestler MD KDNK Carbondale, CO. COMMENTS FROM ALBERTA BOUND TELEVISION SPECIAL - I'm writing to you because I was fortunate enough to catch Alberta Bound on CBC the other evening. Although my musical interests are pretty much limited to The Tragically Hip ('Long Time Running' is one of the best tunes ever) and alternative style early 90's rock, I needed to tell you that I thought your song was the most beautiful thing I had ever been privileged enough to hear. - Working on my computer and watching the Alberta Bound special on television tonight I heard your name and listened to your music for the first time. Wow. Your song "what else can i do?' really hit home with me and lifes struggles as of late. I plan to place your CD purchase on the top of my to do list tomorrow! Thank you for the gift of your music. Keep singing...keep inspiring... Your music reaches out. Many thanks. JOAN OF ARCADIA FEEDBACK My 13 year-old daughter and I watched last week's Joan of Arcadia episode together, and were inspired and moved by your "blanket" song. We re-wound the tape seven times just so we could hear the (entirely) too short slice of your beautiful ballad. What an amazing talent you are! We only wish we lived in Canada so that we could see you perform live Response From Karla’s appearance on CBC Radio with Shelagh Rogers On May 3/06 Hi: I heard the radio interview with Karla Anderson on CBC's Sounds Like Canada show last week and I was absolutely taken with Karla's music. I am going to hunt down and buy copies of her CD for myself, my daughters and even my ex! I cannot adequately express just how deeply her music moved me. She is phenomenal! I predict great things for this lady! Good Evening, >> >> Great interview with Shelagh Rogers on Wednesday and awesome sounding CD! >> Where can I buy it? Hi there Where can I buy karla anderson’s cd? I heard her on cbc and she is amazing! Review from customer on CD Baby website: Norah Jones meets Rosie Thomas. Karla loves singing. Everybody wins. Reviewer: Rick Drost What Else Can I do", heard on my car radio, got me right home to buy this album, and it delights more the more I play it. The intimacy of the performances, the dialed down, relaxed accompaniment keep pulling me back. You can hear an artist (and backup band) dripping with musical talent discovering how much they love making music together. Brava; keep making this sound, and thanks. Comments From Good Morning Canada Appearance Feb. 11/06 Subject: good for the soul Hi, I'm a singer songwriter in Montreal and just heard you singing on Canada am while nursing a headache, drinking a coffee and starting my day... What a quietly radiant, direct and honest way you have about you onstage. The simplicity and beauty of your work is universal. My head feels better, and my heart has been touched. Thank you for starting my day off so sweetly. Rock on girl! You're the real thing and do us all proud. Christine - Subject: Soothing to the Soul Karla, My wife and I saw you on CTV this morning and were just awed at your beautiful voice. We went to your website and no doubts will be ordering an Embassy Sessions CD. Will you ever be coming to Ottawa? We will be watching your schedule! Thanks so much for making our morning as your style of music and your voice was so soothing to our souls...David and Jennifer Subject: What can I do Karla Just heard your singing for the very first time. Reminds me of things I would like to say to a young women of 40 that I know who has two lovely children. She will soon undergo very aggresive treatments for breast cancer. Your song was loving and soft and you seem to be blessed with the beautiful gift of song. I will purchase your music and give it to this young women and hope it will give her some peace in her hard times she is about to go through. With the utmost respect. I wish you well. Thanks Lois. Subject: message from montreal Hi Karla, I really like your music but it's not possible to find it here in Montreal. I can send you a mail order for one of you cd. Heve you made more than one ? You have to come to Montreal to play. I am sure that people here would like your music just like I did. Subject: re your song on CTV this am.... Hi there! I watched you on CTV this am (11 Feb) (channel 9 on the west coast) I loved the song I heard but was so busy writing down your website I did not catch the name. Excuse me for this but it was something about 'a head on shoulder' or 'leaning on someone' I'm sorry I just couldn't remember but would love to pick up a CD and I do need the name... It was a wonderful song - and you sounded great!! Hope to hear fom you, Cheers, Gayle Subject: - an enquiry from your listing on Just saw Karla Anderson for the first time on CTV... incredible! Where can I order/buy a CD??” - various

— e-mail comments from fans

Norah Jones meets Rosie Thomas. Karla loves singing. Everybody wins. What Else Can I do", heard on my car radio, got me right home to buy this album, and it delights more the more I play it. The intimacy of the performances, the dialed down, relaxed accompaniment keep pulling me back. You can hear an artist (and backup band) dripping with musical talent discovering how much they love making music together. Brava; keep making this sound, and thanks.” - Reviewer: Rick Drost

— Listener from CDbaby